What we learned from The Outlast Trials first gameplay trailer

The nightmare returns, but at least you won't be alone this time.

Developer Red Barrels revealed the first gameplay footage from their upcoming game The Outlast Trials yesterday at Gamescom 2021.

The reveal showcases a variety of the creepy locations players must survive in. In addition, the trailer gave us glimpses at a slew of terrifying enemies.

The Outlast Trials Gameplay Reveal

A possible new direction for Outlast

The trailer briefly showed off other interesting gameplay elements as well. Traditionally, Outlast placed emphasis on providing an isolated experience. As this is the first game in the Outlast series to feature co-op, many were curious to see how it would work. Though only lasting a split-second, the trailer shows how players must work together in order to make certain jumps. To make it over a large gap, one player holds their hand out to catch their ally. It is important to note, however, that co-op is entirely optional, so hardcore survival horror fans can still go the experience alone.

Another feature teased in the gameplay reveal may also be controversial to fans of the series. Since the first Outlast, the game featured no combat. The only way to make it past enemies was to run and hide. While, it’s not confirmed, the trailer teases something different. In one instance, the protagonist throws a crucifix to stun an enemy. In another, they set down a landmine that turns their pursuer into a shower of blood. Since the inability to fight back was a staple of the previous entries that added a layer of tension unlike other survival horror titles, it will be interesting to see how this change of pace affects the horror element.

Due to the story of the new game, the infamous night vision camera is absent in the trailer In the previous games, you played as investigative journalists armed only with their cameras to capture the unnatural horrors in the game. This time around, players take on the role of test subjects in the Murkoff Corporation’s experiments during the Cold War.

The new direction of the story likely influenced the differing gameplay elements. However, the camera, and the very limited battery life for the night vision is part of what made Outlast so unique and dreadful. The Outlast Trials definitely appears to be headed in a different direction than its predecessors.

Although originally slated to release this year, The Outlast Trials will now be out in 2022.

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