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Watch the making of Arcade Paradise Episode 1

The game's developers wear their heart on their sleeves in this massive passion project.

This morning, publisher Wired Productions released the first episode of Insert Coin: The Making of Arcade Paradise.

In the first Dev Diary, the team behind Arcade Paradise give fans an inside look on what went into making the game. As they discuss the ins and outs of bring their dream to life, the passion each of the developers has towards this project becomes palpable. You can also watch the video for yourself below!

Arcade Paradise Dev Diary Ep. 1

In the video, Andreas Firnigl, the game’s Creative Director, explains how the project started. Firnigl states that originally, the team started with a prototype for a racing game. Along with the racing game included some smaller arcade games that were side content.

Firnigl adds that after pitching the idea to Wired Productions, the publisher loved the arcade side content so much he told Firnigl to expand on that. From there, the seeds for Arcade Paradise began to sprout.

Throughout the video, the developers also elaborate on the idea to take the management-sim formula, and make it something even bigger. Along with the variety of playable arcade games, they also wanted to make the more mundane tasks feel like mini-games. Everything from washing clothes to peeling gum off a trashcan will feel like its own game.

However, the ultimate goal, according to Nosebleed Interactive, was to make their biggest game one of the most generous in terms of content.

We’d really like for the game to be the most generous game that we can offer—and possibly the most generous game that anyone’s ever created.

Andreas Firnigl

About Arcade Paradise

Wired Productions and developer Nosebleed Interactive first announced the management sim earlier this year. In Arcade Paradise, you take the role of Ashley. After your dad tasks you with running his laundromat while he’s away, you decide to do something much cooler instead: create the ultimate arcade!

Packed with ’90s nostalgia, this game allows you to live out your childhood fantasies of running your own arcade. You can also unlock over 35 original arcade games inspired by ’80s and ’90s classics as you turn the boring laundromat into a gaming paradise. 

Arcade Paradise pre-order bonuses

Arcade Paradise comes to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC on August 11, 2022. You can also add it to your wishlist on SteamEpic Games Store or GOG. In addition, you can pre-order physical copies for either PlayStation or Nintendo Switch from a local retailer or from the Wired Store. You can also sign up now to join the Closed Beta on Discord.

Are you excited for the doors to open at the KingWash arcade? As always, let us know what you think in the comments!

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