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Watch Ryo forklift arcade machines and catch fish in the latest trailer

Shenmue III is officially 11 days away! I don’t know about you, but I simply can’t contain my excitement. Yu Suzuki and the rest of his team have been making the media rounds to promote the game, releasing some new footage along the way.

In the latest trailer, Yu Suzuki discusses the unique aspects of Shenmue, including the immense detail of his world, and the quirky activities the player can indulge in.

In the past game, Ryo could only move boxes around in his forklift. Now, you can move a cornucopia (insert seasonal term) of objects in Shenmue III, including arcade machines!? Once you move the arcade machines, they will appear at the local arcade the next day.

Check out the trailer above (Don’t forget to turn on the captions) and let us know what you think in the comments below!

Shenmue III comes out worldwide on November 19th for PC and PS4.

Marcin Gulik

Live and learn everyday. Dreamcast and Shenmue are the epitome of gaming!
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