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Video of Sega World Australia appears on YouTube

Sega World and Sega Park was a series of theme parks that popped up in the United Kingdom between 1992 and 2008. Most of the people that love SEGA and video games as a whole will never be able to go to one.

However, with this 13 and a half minute video, this is all we have as it’s a high definition time capsule. Sega World Sydney, the location of the video, was closed in 2000 after SEGA tried to save it during the 2000 Sydney Olympics failed to bring in the tourists money.

The building was demolished on November 12th 2008 to make way for a new global headquarters for the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

William Blanton

A huge fighting game fan, (Even though he sucks at them.) Pokemon lover, and content creator of 14 years. He has gone on record saying he would never play any of the Souls games.
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