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Valkyria Revolution is coming to the west in spring 2017

For the past couple of months, we have been reporting on Valkyria: Azure Revolution. In a recent news update from SEGA, it was announced that the latest Valkyria game would be heading to the west!

“Quite literally a revolution from previous Valkyria titles, Valkyria Revolution takes place in an alternate time, continent, and universe. However, there are a few common threads throughout: the magical, azure-colored mineral ragnite returns in this game; as do the Valkyria, the last of an ancient race of highly destructive, demi-gods.

Valkyria Revolution shows how a single spark can ignite the inferno of war. Five lifelong friends consumed by personal revenge plunge an entire continent into a terrible war, sacrificing the lives of countless innocents for a cause based on twisted half-truths and outright lies. This “Circle of Five” use their combined political and military influence to motivate their small, economically blockaded homeland to rise up as a powerful resistance against imperialist oppressors.”

The PS4 version will get a physical copy for all regions, while the Vita version will be digital only.

Via PlayStation Blog 

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