Unreleased Dreamcast game Dee Dee Planet discovered

An unreleased Dreamcast game called Dee Dee Planet that was originally planned to be released in 2001 has finally been discovered and released online.

The game was developed by Dori Dock and was supposed to be the Dreamcast’s second network-enabled game, after ChuChu Rocket! It’s said the game was near completion before it was unexpectedly canceled due to a networking bug. The released version is supposedly the final beta before it would have been completed.

PCWzrd13 (video above) was sent the file and has shared it online. According to an article on Dreamcast Junkyard, PCWzrd13 sent them the following quote from Dee Dee Planet‘s original developer.

“The final beta was completed, and it was exhibited at the Tokyo Game Show in 2000. Although it was reviewed in the game magazine, the shipment was cancelled just before the release.

This title was an online game. However, a bug was discovered in the network system just before shipping. This was not a creative issue for us, but a SEGA system issue. Everyone did their best. It’s not anyone’s fault. Back then it was the Genesis of Online Games. It’s a very nostalgic story.”

Dee Dee Planet creator

The game is currently only available in GDI form and can be downloaded here (MediaFire link).

Dreamcast Junkyard
Dreamcast Channel YouTube

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