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Tron Identity is a visual novel set within the world of Disney’s Tron

Return to The Grid in this new visual novel and detective game from Mike Bithell

During the D23 Expo earlier this month, Disney announced a special collaboration with video game designer designer Mike Bithell of Bithell games on a new game set within the Tron universe. In 2023, players will go to The Grid for the first time since 2010 in a brand new adventure.

Tron Identity Reveal Trailer

Jumping into The Grid with Tron Identity

For the uninitiated, The Grid is a digital frontier that serves as the central focal point in the world of Tron. In Tron Identity, players will enter a new Grid, a world untouched by user intervention. In this world, lies a mystery in the center, known as The Repository. There, players take on the role of Query, a detective program tasked with solving a grave crime committed in The Grid.

Tron Identity is an immersive visual novel that offers up multiple endings. Throughout the deep story, players will also interact with a multitude of characters and unique areas. The core functions of this title rely on making a series of complex choices. Additionally, every conversation, choice and new skill gets saved onto the Identity Disc. Solving the puzzles related to this and other Discs will impact every detail of the story.

Bithell Games announces partnership with Disney

The news of Tron Identity also comes as a pleasant surprise to fans of the IP. Although it seemed like Disney forgot about the franchise, its diehard fans now have something new to look forward to. Additionally, the new direction for the story also offers up an intriguing premise. The new setup teases aspects not before seen in the Tron universe, including the detective program angle wit Query.

Putting the legacy of Tron in good hands

Mike Bithell and Bithell Games have a strong penchant for science-fiction. The legendary designer not only tells strong stories, but also pushes them into new angles. In 2015, Bithell released the sci-fi stealth adventure Volume. The brilliant love letter to the stealth action genre offered a deep story with beautiful visuals. Additionally, subsequent releases like 2017’s visual novel Subsurface Circular and 2019’s John Wick: Hex also prove that Tron Identity is in good hands.

Tron Identity marks the first release of a Tron video game since the underrated Tron Evolution in 2010. The legacy of the Tron films can be seen in felt various games, music tracks, books, and anime. There’s even an amazing book that further explores the ideas established in this genre, Bedlam, from author Christopher Brookmyre. What happens next remains to be seen, but in 2023, the world gets to return to The Grid.

Tron: Identity launches for Steam in 2023. You can also wishlist it now on Steam. No other platforms were announced at this time.

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