Tom Kalinske, Al Nilsen join Mega Visions

Former SEGA of America President Tom Kalinske and SEGA of America Marketing Director Al Nilsen have officially joined the Mega Visions staff!

Tom and Al will take you on a journey throughout their time at SEGA and tell you stories you’ve never heard anywhere else before. This will be the first time both of these two iconic figures in SEGA’s history will tell their stories directly to the fans.

To give you an idea of the kind of stories you’ll read (and hear) in each issue, take a listen to a test recording we conducted recently. In this story, Tom and Al discuss their time at the Computer Entertainment Show and how they would hire celebrities to sign autographs at their booth to attract more people to see the SEGA Genesis and games they had to show.

(Note: The audio has a bad echo that we hope won’t detract too much from the awesome story Tom and Al tell. We’ll be sure to get it fixed in the final version)

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