There’s going to be a Sonic Chia Pet

Now, look; I’ve written about some funny things for this site. I had to figure out how to tell everyone about a Sonic fuzzy controller. But, even I couldn’t have expected this to ever become real: A Sonic Chia Pet.

Yes. There will be an officially licensed Sonic The Hedgehog Chia Pet. Why? I have no answer for you. If you’re wondering what part the grass will grow on, it’s the spikes. It’s as cursed-looking as you think. You can check out the announcement tweet below. It includes some pictures of the upcoming Chia.

I really don’t know how to react to this. Why just the spikes for the growing area? Not the full statue? There’s been a lot of wild Sonic products over the years. I thought I was immune to the insane stuff. But seeing this shows me that there are plenty of depths I haven’t considered. What could possibly come next? Part of me doesn’t want that answered.

The Sonic Chia Pet has no release date yet. We will update readers on when you can order the figure. Are you considering buying the new Chia of Sonic? Let us know in the comments below! (No, seriously. I’m curious about your reasoning.)

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Alex Lehew

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