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The Zelda 64 team has now fully reversed engineered Ocarina of Time

The Zelda 64 Reverse Engineering team has finally announced that they’ve fully completed The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, potentially starting years of modding and ports.

Nearly two years, the dedicated fan group has finished the project using modern tools to re-create the game in C. You may be wondering if Nintendo will hit them with the ol’ cease and desist letter, but they won’t. ZRET only reverse engineered game code without any assets or Nintendo’s intellectual property, so it’s completely legal.

ZRET OoT Progress Report

If you’re interested in learning about ZRET, feel free to browse their site, as well as their discord. You’ll find loads of tidbits about their journey and passion for Ocarina of Time. I’d also recommend viewing Video Games Chronicle’s article, which highlights an interaction between them and ZRET.

This coding feat by ZRET is massive for the N64 Ocarina of Time community since mods and performance boosts can enhance the flavor of our beloved older titles. The proof comes from a similar project with Super Mario 64, which from simple recompiled code created a performance boost while leaving the entire game vanilla. We’re sure to see people render the Ocarina of Time in 1080p – or even implement support for ray tracing soon. For the PC fans passionate about retro titles, a wealth of change will be coming to the emulation scene if teams like ZRET are around.

Are you excited to see what this team will do next? Let us know!

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