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The Twisted Metal reboot is switching developers, sources say

A replacement developer hasn't been named yet, and Sony hasn't officially commented on the story as of now.

Last October, we reported that Sony had given Destruction AllStars developer Lucid Games the reigns on a Twisted Metal reboot. Unfortunately, it looks like a shake-up is in the works regarding this project.

Video Games Chronicles, which originally broke the news on this reboot, released a follow-up piece discussing the change in development. It seems that Sony has canceled development on the project at Lucid Games. Supposedly, the reason is the poor critical reception for Destruction AllStars.

So far, there’s been no news of a replacement studio for the Twisted Metal reboot. Considering Sony hasn’t officially announced this project yet, that’s not exactly a surprise. Yet with its recent commitment to a Twisted Metal TV show, we might be hearing about this reboot soon.

Twisted Metal Reboot Sweet Tooth

What’s going on with the Twisted Metal reboot?

When we last discussed this reboot, we talked about how Lucid Games seemed like an unusual choice for this Twisted Metal project. While Destruction AllStars had the same destructive gameplay as Twisted Metal, its poor critical and commercial reception convinced Sony to back out of the deal with Lucid Games. We obviously can’t comment on the state of the project as we haven’t seen any trailers or gameplay footage yet. However, considering the lackluster response to Destruction AllStars, this might be for the best.

Comments from original Twisted Metal creator David Scott Jaffe on the first reports on the reboot project echoed this sentiment. He expressed doubts about Lucid Games doing justice to the franchise in a video on his YouTube channel.

Despite this news, it doesn’t appear that Sony is dropping Twisted Metal entirely. It recently reiterated at CES 2022 that a TV show based on the game is in the works, with Deadpool writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick attached to write the script. It’s likely that this reboot is meant to tie in with the show, so we may be hearing official details about it sooner rather than later.

What are you hoping to see in this Twisted Metal reboot? Let us know!

Via Video Games Chronicle.

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