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The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game will feature 3 killers instead of 1

The Sawyer family doesn't want just Leatherface to have all the fun.

Gun Interactive, the team behind Friday the 13th: The Game, recently revealed their next project at The Game Awards 2021. Like their previous title, Gun Interactive’s The Texas Chain Saw Massacre adapts a popular horror franchise to gaming. In addition, the gameplay will also remain similar to Friday the 13th by emphasizing asymmetric multiplayer.

Although Leatherface fans are excited to see their favorite chainsaw-wielding psycho translated into a video game, the similarities between Gun’s entries led to harsh criticism. Many outspoken fans (including myself) criticized the developer for re-slashing the same tired formula.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre reveal trailer

However, Gun Interactive CEO Wes Keltner responded to the feedback in a blog post yesterday. In the post, Keltner also emphasizes the importance of differentiating The Texas Chain Saw Massacre from its predecessor. He adds that the studio challenged themselves to evolve the asymmetric multiplayer formula and bring something new to the table.

We never want to make the same game twice. You either innovate or imitate, and I don’t have to tell you which one makes for a better game. Everyone at Gun prefers to innovate and push the genre forward.

Wes Keltner

Give a warm welcome to the Sawyer family

Keltner elaborates on one major change to Gun Interactive’s formula that will drastically set The Texas Chain Saw Massacre apart from similar titles: three killers. Gun Interactive’s CEO explains that including additional killers to matches not only ramps up the tension, but also stays more true to the game’s source material.

the lovely Sawyer family

Well, when it came to the design of Texas [Chain Saw Massacre] we knew that 3 vs. 4 was different. All the mechanics and features are built around this fundamental rethinking of asymmetrical multiplayer. Additionally when you look at the ’74 film, you’ll note there’s an entire family to deal with, not just Leatherface. So it felt natural to have three killers chasing victims.

Wes Keltner

With the strategic design choice of including three killers for each match came the new challenge of balancing gameplay. To accommodate for the triple threat, the developers spent additional time ensuring the game’s levels, as well as the killers’ abilities, don’t make winning impossible for survivors.

Keltner elaborates on certain design choices, such as creating shadows and placing items for players to hide behind. In addition, the development team also ensured rooms are strategically placed so players have a combination of open areas and tight hallways.

Do you think the inclusion of three killers does enough to differentiate The Texas Chain Saw Massacre from Friday the 13th: The Game? Let us know below!

Via PC Gamer

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