The Simpsons gets Arcade1Up cabinet for its 30th anniversary

Arcade cabinets will always have a special place in some gamer’s hearts. Reminiscing of the days spent at an arcade at one machine dumping quarters upon quarters to beat a game. If you’re old enough to remember The Simpsons, it took A LOT of quarters to beat. Thankfully, Arcade1Up has given 90’s kids a way to finally conquer the game they put so much money into back in the day.

Releasing on August 16th, Arcade1Up will launch an official The Simpsons cabinet for the game’s 30th anniversary! It will bring home a faithful machine recreation of the game and the cabinet players know and love. You can sign up for email notifications on Arcade1Up’s website here for when it goes live. No price has been announced for the cabinet yet.

While I never got to play the game in the arcade, I did fall in love with The Simpsons when it was released on PSN and Xbox Live in 2012 for PS3 and Xbox 360. I managed to get 100% of the trophies using a lot of continues and unmatched patience in learning the game. Since the game was delisted off both platforms in 2013, it’s nice to see it come back to purchase in some way. 

Are you planning on picking up The Simpsons cabinet? Let us know below!

Via Engadget

Alex Lehew

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