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The Mortuary Assistant is out today on Steam

Grab your embalming fluid and your holy water because The Mortuary Assistant officially launched today on Steam!

Developed by Brian Clarke of solo development studio DarkStone Digital and published by Dread XP, this new indie horror title puts you right into the world’s most haunted funeral home. In the game, you play as an apprentice mortician, who while performing a routine embalming, discovers a demonic presence amongst the dead. However, be warned as each individual playthrough brings new scares and dangers along the way.

You can also learn more about the game in the official trailer below.

Official Trailer

What’s next for The Mortuary Assistant?

Prior to today’s launch, Clarke put out a brief update on the final stages for completing The Mortuary Assistant and what’s next for the game post-launch. Clarke explained that while he will vigilantly make sure to resolve any and all reported bugs, he plans to take a break from future development for a while, having spent 2 years crafting the game.

However, the developer also explains that he does have big plans for the game going forward. The largest goal he and publisher Dread XP set is to port the game onto consoles. However, he does not yet know which consoles he can get the game ported to.

Along with the console ports is localization. In its current state, The Mortuary Assistant only features English as a language. However, in the future, Clarke hopes to include support for other world languages to make the game more accessible.

In addition, Clarke would also like to introduce new game modes. The first is Embalming Only Mode, which places the entire focus on the mortician-simulator aspect of the game. In addition, he would also like to implement a Spooks Only Mode which removes the story content to focus more on the horror events. You can also learn more in the official dev update below.

Developer Update

The Mortuary Assistant is now available for purchase on PC through Steam. Have you played this chilling new title yet? What are your thoughts? As always, let us know what you think down in the comments!

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