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The Last Hero of Nostalgaia gets a Release Date

Every hero has a story, but to truly tell that story, the hero must, you know, actually right said story. This is where Thunderful Games comes in. The developer and publisher recently announced a release date for its ambitious satirical action RPG The Last Hero of Nostalgaia. This Souls-like puts players into the shoes of the worst character ever designed on a grand adventure voiced by the most cynical narrator you have ever heard.

The Last Hero of Nostalgaia Gameplay Trailer

The news comes from Thunderful’s recently published gameplay trailer. The Last Hero of Nostalgaia puts players into a self-aware world. The Hero may possibly be the worst character ever devised in the worst world ever made. But that’s the point!

This world, cheekily named Nostalgaia, serves as the first appetizer for the witty satire players can expect. However, with flattened books with torn pages, the history of Nostalgaia fell to the wayside. As the last Hero of Nostalgaia, players embark on a grand quest to rebuild the kingdom’s legacy.

In this comical tale, a narrator, frequently butts in with humorously snide remarks. In addition, players can enjoy the witty adventure alone or with a friend in the game’s co-op mode. The drop-in/drop-out cooperative mechanic keeps gameplay running smooth, so you can continue the adventure even if your friend decides to log off.

The trailer clearly demonstrates the world and gameplay design of The Last Hero of Nostalgaia. Character models appear as just strings and pixels, harkening back to the days of the Commodore. In terms of combat, the game offers a familiar Souls-like style, fighting gargantuan bosses and difficult enemies. However, this game offers up a dynamic twist. Enemies and environments mesh between 8-bit pixelated sprites and rendered polygonal designs akin to the early days of 3D gaming. Even the player blends into the environment as an 8-bit illustration, suing it for movement and stealth.

A fun preview at PAX East

I happened to play The Last Hero of Nostalgaia at PAX East earlier this year in 2022 and had a good time with it, even in solo mode. Granted, it was a challenge, even when facing the more basic enemies. In addition, the lack of checkpoints was tough to swallow. However, the concept, style, and meta-humor was incredibly strong.

I respect this particular, sunnier direction for a Souls-like game, as the genre has been drenched in dark, bleak worlds and battering ordeals. With The Last Hero of Nostalgaia, there is a sense of wonder, awe, and mystery, as well as an interesting narrative to follow. This is a world built by developers, long lost to players and creators. What is the feeling to return to such a world, and what will be found there? If this interests, you, you won’t have to wait much longer.

The Last Hero of Nostalgaia launches for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Steam on October 19, 2022.

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