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[TGS2014] PSO2 + PSO Nova report! SEGA Hard Girls and Resonance of Fate Collabs!

SEGA of Japan announced a couple of interesting collaborations for their Phantasy Star series games, released a new trailer, and info about upcoming merchandise on this week’s TGS 2014 stream.


The SEGA Hard Girls will join PSO2 as a collaboration on December. Costumes and weapons from the 3 main Hard Girls: Dreamcast, Saturn, and Mega Drive will be available for the game. The SEGA Hard Girls anime will premiere this October, there is a lot of expectation for this series, so expect a lot more of collaborations in Merch and Games.

Leiji Matsumoto (anime and manga cult author) fans will be pleased to know Yamato 2199 will have a collaboration with PSO2, while other anime called Tschumi! Or Yuri Nachu will have one too for November.

New costumes and missions where announced, including the pSO2 summer jackets.

Now regarding PSO Nova… the game has a cool new trailer which is the following:

PSO2 characters will join PSO Nova as NPCs. 3 tri Ace collaborations will be released for PSO Nova starting with SEGA’s own Resonance of Fate with costumes and weapons! Leanne will appear as an NPC! While Square-Enix costume Collabs will be: Star Ocean and Valkyrie Profile Lenneth. The game will be released on November 27th this year.

Cospa will release the following PSO Nova merch in November:


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