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Sword of The Vagrant heads to consoles November 30

The positively received metroidvania is also Steam Deck compatible

Embark on a quest straight out of fantasy. After being available on Steam since 2018, 2D Metroidvania The Vagrant is being retitled Sword of The Vagrant, and is being released on consoles at the end of this month, with a PS5 version on the way for next year. This ambitious adventure title from OTK Games wears its inspirations on its sleeve, and offers something exciting and riveting for players. The news is additionally complimented with the unveiling of a new trailer, showcasing the features of Sword of The Vagrant.

The mystic land of Mythrila holds endless magic and dark secrets. For Vivian The Vagrant, she scours the land as a sellswords, earning bounty from the various battle taking place. Her efforts have an ultimate goal: to discover the secrets of her father’s research and reunite with her family. Mythrilia features haunted fortresses, abandoned castles, raw wilderness and many mysteries. Battles take place all around her and grotesque monsters creak from the shadows. Who she becomes, and how her story ends is also entirely up to the player. Sword of the Vagrant is an adventure that happens as the player plays, and players have control over where each chapter goes.

This exciting Metroidvania hits your console soon!

Sword of The Vagrant is a 2D Metroidvania, with clear inspirations form Odinsphere and Dragon’s Crown, right down to the hand-painted visuals reminiscent of Vanillware games and SNK titles. As Vivian, players march across the land of Mythrilia, fighting monsters, recovering items, and uncovering he secrets of their family. The Steam page also promises over 70 type of monstrous enemies to fight, 6 massive levels, multiples difficulties, and challenging boss fights that will put up a stiff challenge, even for the most hardcore of players. Sword of The Vagrant is a throwback to earlier titles in the genre, while also providing modern features as well. Since its launch on July 13, 2018, The Vagrant has received close to 6,500 user reviews, receiving the ” Very Positive” review ranking, indicating that The Vagrant has a strong positive reception.

Sword of The Vagrant launches on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on Wednesday, November 30, 2022, with a PS5 port to arrive in 2023. For those that prefer PC, The Vagrant is available now on steam and is Steam Deck compatible.

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