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SuperGroupies and Sonic collaborate for its 30th anniversary

"Sure to be familiar to Sonic fans."

Japanese fashion brand SuperGroupies collaborates with Sonic the Hedgehog for exclusive merchandise. In celebrating Sonic’s 30th anniversary, SuperGroupies highlights a four-item collection inspired by the well-loved game.

What items are in the SuperGroupies Sonic collection?

The SuperGroupies and Sonic the Hedgehog collaboration have four items in the collection, including a watch, backpack, sneakers, and cap.

  • Watch“transport you back to the games!”

The Sonic Chronograph watch has a very fun and eye-catching design. Mostly blue and black, the watch has etchings of meadows, cityscapes, and a background pattern from the game stages. Inspired by the iconic Green Hill Zone, the bottom features the iconic Green Hill Zone. And, of course, you can’t forget Sonic at the very top, ready to roll. The watch is the most expensive item in the collection at $230.

SuperGroupies Sonic blue and black watch
  • Bag“balances tasteful sophistication with a retro-pop look.”

At $150, the Sonic backpack has a more subtle design to it. With pops of blue and a subtle checkered pattern after the Green Hill Zone stage design, a pixel Sonic runs across the bottom. It has three compartments, including a top flap pocket, front pocket, and main compartment. Mixing both fashion and usage, the backpack seems a more subtle way to enjoy Sonic merchandise.

Sonic backpack, with Sonic embroidered at the bottom running
  • Sneakers“gotta go fast?”

Similarly, the Sonic sneakers are reminiscent of Vans with its flat bottoms and straightforward shape, . Its blue laces are a nice pop of color, along with the hints of yellow and red. Additionally, they have an original tag design woven on the shoe tongues with Sonic’s silhouette and a logo. As a stylish but casual shoe, the sneakers will “give you  an extra boost as you dash your way around town” for $120.

Sonic sneakers, with Sonic's silhouette on the shoe tongue and a checkered pattern
  • Cap“for casual wear”

The Sonic cap has a navy blue pattern with a checkered design on the back and a deep red visor, referencing Sonic’s shoes. It has a palm tree from Green Hill Zone on the side, along with the classic Sonic look near the front of the hat. The cheapest of the collection, the cap can be picked up for $70.

A navy cap with a red lid featuring a palm tree and Sonic's face

When will the items be available for order?

Currently in the pre-order period, everything can be purchased on the SuperGroupie’s website from December 7, 2021, to January 3, 2022. Everything will be made to order. However, most items seem to have a shipping estimate between April and July, so it could be a bit of a wait. With its unique designs, Sonic fans won’t want to miss out on this exclusive merchandise for the franchise’s 30th anniversary!

Erin Vieira

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