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Summer Game Fest 2022 hits IMAX theaters on June 9

In addition to watching it live in select IMAX theaters, it will also stream on YouTube, Twitch, etc.

Geoff Keighley’s premiere summer games festival is returning this year, now with a live event. Summer Game Fest 2022 is happening on June 9, and you’ll be able to catch it live in select IMAX theaters when it happens.

Keighley and IMAX are partnering together to bring Summer Game Fest and The Game Awards (Keighley’s other major event) to the big screen. IMAX theaters across the United States will stream the Summer Game Fest live on June 9. Don’t worry, though; it will also be available to stream for free on YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, and Facebook.

See the trailer for Summer Game Fest 2022 here, courtesy of IMAX on YouTube.

What we know about Summer Game Fest 2022

This will be the third year of the Summer Game Fest, which launched in 2020 following Keighley’s exit from hosting the E3 Coliseum. It’s already become a powerhouse industry event, especially as E3 continues to regain its foothold after the COVID-19 pandemic forced in-person events to be cancelled. With E3 2022 already shelved, we’re looking forward to seeing what Keighley and the partnered developers have to show us. (From the trailer alone, it looks like we’re finally getting a look at Sonic Frontiers!)

According to Keighley, he wanted this Summer Game Fest to bring back the spirit of live events while accommodating for a distributed audience. As he said on Twitter:

With Summer Game Fest, we are building a next-generation global event — decentralized physical events for the community in IMAX, big showcases from us and partners, play at home content, and much more! This is the future and it feels good… we are just getting started!

Geoff Keighley, Executive Producer of Summer Game Fest

Learn more about Summer Game Fest on the official website here. Will you be attending Summer Game Fest 2022? What are you hoping to see at the event? Let us know!

Via Twitter.

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