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Street Fighter II car mini-game recreated in Turkish commercial

Buy Anadolu Sigorta car insurance unless you want Ryu to destroy your car.

Ryu from the Street Fighter games made a surprise appearance in a commercial for Turkish insurance company Anadolu Sigorta.

The commercial recreates the iconic car mini-game from Street Fighter II to warn people of the dangers of being uninsured. The video begins when a woman asks a man whether he has car insurance. Naturally, he doesn’t and laughs it off. He sarcastically states “I mean a flower pot could fall and hit you in the head. That is a risk too.”

The man’s overconfidence in his car’s safety is shattered as none-other than Ryu from Street Fighter appears to smash his car to bits. The remainder of the commercial shows Ryu using a combination of attacks from the game to annihilate the uninsured vehicle. The moral of the story is buy car insurance from Anadolu Sigorta or else Ryu will smash your car too. That’s a solid point if you ask me.

The commercial authentically recreates the iconic bonus stage from Street Fighter II. The goal in the stage is to deal as much damage as you can to the car within 40 seconds. Each hit rewards you with 100 points, and you can earn a total of 24,400 points. In addition, you receive 30,000 bonus points for getting a perfect score.

What do you think? Does this commercial from Anadolu Sigorta convince you to get car insurance? I know I’m convinced. After all, Ryu did get a perfect score.

Via Niche Gamer

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