Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat team-up still a no-go, says Ed Boon

Fans of two great fighter franchises may have to wait a long while before they see a team-up. A unity of Capcom’s Street Fighter v. NetherRealm Studio’s Mortal Kombat isn’t as simple as players might think, said Ed Boon, Mortal Kombat’s co-creator in response to recent fan questions.

Both franchises have been involved in outside brawls. Street Fighter took on Marvel and Mortal Kombat has cruised for a brusin’ with DC. These ventures have been rather lucrative, with both series selling millions of games.  As exciting as it is to see big muscles fight among superheroes and villains, players would love to see a Liu Kang/Chung Li throw-down. 

Boon understands. However, “it[‘s] not as simple as ‘people want it, so do it!” he tweeted.

Bringing two studios together, no matter the media venture, can be difficult. And Capcom has already turned down offers from NetherRealm Studios to have Ryu as DLC character in the Mortal Kombat series.  Yoshinori Ono confirmed this in a 2019 interview with Eurogamer. “There were many people at the company that felt it wasn’t a good fit for our characters,” Ono said. 

Perhaps the idea of Ryu and Ken executing their enemies is a bit much for fans of the tamer games. Although, Blanka chewing on heads or Vega using his claws doesn’t exactly speak of peace. The kids who played Street Fighter in arcades are older and accustom to the brutal violence of Moral Kombat. So, while it might be a far off dream for now, never say never.

Which Street Fighter character would you want to see in an Outworld match? 


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