Stray’s language has been decoded

We’ve all been looking forward to the cyperpunk cat-based game Stray just because of how adorable it looks. With its release just last week on July 19, people have started to look into the secrets this game has to hold. One user in particular went out of their way to decipher all the mysterious symbols hanging above shops and machines to understand Stray’s language.

Stray’s language seems pretty straightforward

Half-Glass Gaming writer Josh Wirtanen noted how straightforward the language actually is. The symbols substitute English symbols and just required a bit of focusing to figure out which symbols stood for different letters.

As the game offers title cards with subtitles, Wirtanen had a good place to start. Interestingly enough, though, the titles didn’t always match one-for-one to the subtitles. For example, chapter “The Slums” text actually translates to “Home: Slums Part One.”

Using the decoded language, we’re now able to see what the different symbols all mean. Of course, this is still a game about a cat, so it’s not like there’s anything mind-blowing hidden in its meaning. For example, there’s a bag labeled “best bag,” a shop labeled “shop”, and a newspaper header labeled “droid news.” 

However, there are a few inconsistencies here and there. In one instance, a piece of music written as “Come On” was called “Cool Down” by a character. In another, a wanted poster with a nonsensical name for the wanted person. Despite the occasional inconsistencies, Wirtanen managed to decode the entirety of Stray’s language, and even wrote it down for us if we want to translate the game ourselves.

A fun little feature to appreciate the game

Though the meanings behind the translated words aren’t exactly deepest lore, it’s still pretty cool to see that its unique language actually means something. It’s just another aspect that helps set up the world and gives the environment a certain feeling.

If you haven’t played Stray yet and are a fan of cats, be sure to check out this kitty cat adventure on PC, PS4, and PS5. Alternatively, you can wait for the physical release in September 2022.

Via, Half-Glass Gaming.

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