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Strayed Lights announced for Spring 2023

This ambitious and colorful action RPG launches this April 2023

Become light. Development studio Embers has taken the cloak of shadow off their latest game and brought it into the light. Coming in Spring 2023 is the action adventure game Strayed Lights. In a world enveloped in ruin, players become the light that will illuminate the world and batle their inner demons to achieve harmony.

Share Your Light

The news comes with a new reveal trailer that reveals gameplay footage and a release window. The Steam page reveals more of what the game will feature. Strayed Lights is an open-world action-adventure game with RPG with colorful illumination. The visuals not only serve the world but are also critical for combat.

The goal for combat isn’t necessarily to defeat an enemy but to absorb their light and unleash it upon themselves ina deadly attack. Dodges and parries are essential. Studying an enemy and their visual hue is the key to victory. The trailer shows an abundance of combat, including shifting forms to best fight an enemy.

A World of Mystery

The world around players is mysterious. Strange monsters lurk I the shadows. Strange creatures seek refuge in the light. A purple hue swallows the world and anything being with an orange glow is a destroyer to the land. It’s mystical and mysterious with not much else hinted at. Expect a world full of surprises and unexpected happenings.

There is not much revealed at this time for the game. Strayed Light looks to hold much mystery beyond the trailer. The true goal as to why the world is as it is only hints at one objective. The character is on a quest to transcend. What transcendence is in the context of this game remains unknown. However, the game absolutely impresses in its sensation of weight, energy, action, and momentum. We’ll have to find out in April.

Strayed Lights launches launches for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Steam, Epic Games Store, and Nintendo Switch.

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