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Stellar Interface: MV Plays

Join Chris as he jumps into Stellar Interface – a fun Nintendo Switch side-scrolling space shooter featuring rogue-like elements and randomly generated levels, published by VGNYsoft and developed by ImaginationOverflow.

The Stellar Interface release marks VGNYsoft’s third Elite edition and includes:

  • Physical Cartridge
  • 24 Page Booklet
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Premium Metallic Effect Cover
  • Individually Numbered – 4000 Units Produced

You can purchase Stellar Interface for $39.99 on the VGNYsoft store here.

Stellar Interface Elite Edition box art

What’s Stellar Interface?

In Stellar Interface, players run through the universe, discover the numerous perks/consumables and their synergistic effects. Explore the randomly-generated galaxy to find merchants, unlock spacecrafts, collect StellarNetES Cartridges, checkmark your kills of the various galactic overlords… and die. A lot! The game is presented in a very unique and artistic “Old Sketching” visual style, which expresses the essence of the 14th century’s ocean exploration when the sea was considered a dangerous place full of monsters.

Let’s talk features

  • Rogue-like Elements: With a randomly generated universe and randomized perks, no journey in Stellar Interface will ever be the same! What will happen to you, in your own unique apocalyptic cataclysmic transgalactic voyage?
  • Synergistic Perk System: Over 100 perks and consumables. Look out for the synergistic nature of the perks that suits your playstyle,
  • Galactic Bounties: Complete over 100 missions to participate in the StellarNET Entertainment System lottery.
  • Customize Your Start: Choose your spacecraft: there is one for every playstyle, as they have unique starting perks. You can personalize your arsenal from numerous weapons: cannons, missiles and lasers.
  • Unlock Spacecrafts, View Your Progress: Check out what have you accomplished in our in-game encyclopedia StellarNET. Unlock new spacecrafts, kill all the bosses to progress in StellarNET’s kill table. Check which perks and consumables you have used and seen, and what is your progress towards the achievements.
  • Explore the Universe: Some levels are more special than others: Merchants, Bosses, Spacecraft Factories. Fight through lower-difficulty levels to stock up on perks, or just streamline to the end-boss if you feel powerful enough.

Stellar Interface was originally released in Sept. 9, 2016, and is available on Steam, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and Mac.

Chris Powell

Chris is the editor-in-chief of Mega Visions Magazine and the co-creator of SEGA Nerds. He was the former managing editor of Airman magazine and has written for publications like Joystiq, PSP Fanboy, RETRO magazine, among others.
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