Spanish comic Mortadelo y Filemón gets Dreamcast game on Kickstarter

For over 60 years, Mortadelo y Filemón thrived in comic strips, magazines, and newspapers across the globe. Originally from Spain, it told the story of two secret agents who constantly get themselves in ridiculous situations. They used slapstick as the vehicle for their humor.

Recently, Spanish developer Erbe Software announced a port of their Steam game, Mortadelo y Filemón: El Sulfato Atómico, to the Dreamcast. To achieve their goal, they launched their port project on Kickstarter.

Here’s their official overview:

Mortadelo y Filemón: El Sulfato Atómico is a point and click style adventure game,  available in Steam, which has players trying to steal back a spray that turns insects into giants.

In this game our characters must rescue the atomic sulphate created by professor Bacterio of the claws of Bruteztrausen, general of a enemy state. This sulphate is a spray that increases the size of the insects, making them reach measures of meters! They will have to enter the State slyly to arrive at the governmental palace and take the sulphate.

We LOVE SEGA Dreamcast, so we want to publish an exclusive limited edition for this console of the game through Kickstarter.

The Kickstarter still has 51 days to go and has already reached their goal of $1,448. If you would like to still contribute to their project, you can check out their Kickstarter here.

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