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Sonic the Hedgehog movie coming back to theaters nationwide

He's gotta go fast ... one more time

The past several months have been strange times indeed with the nationwide quarantine shutting down businesses throughout the country, including movie theaters, due to the coronavirus.

As the country, and the rest of the world, begin to slowly re-open businesses, movie theaters will begin to resume operations on July 10, and Regal has announced that our favorite hedgehog will be returning to their silver screens soon after.

Beginning on July 17, the Sonic the Hedgehog movie, including several other classic movies like The Lord of the Rings trilogy, will make their way back to Regal cinemas.

Regal didn’t state whether there will be IMAX or RPX versions of these movies available, but we assume these releases will be relegated to their smaller-screened theaters.

The company has released information on measures they’re taking to ensure the safety of patrons and employees, including contactless payment options, ULV Foggers, and customers and employees will be required to wear facemasks.

If you haven’t watched the Sonic the Hedgehog movie yet and are hesitant to go back to theaters, the Blu-ray version is available (be sure to read our review!), and you can purchase it from Amazon here.

Chris Powell

Chris is the editor-in-chief of Mega Visions Magazine and the co-creator of SEGA Nerds. He was the former managing editor of Airman magazine and has written for publications like Joystiq, PSP Fanboy, RETRO magazine, among others.
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