Sonic fan creates stunning stop-motion video while making LEGO set

Check out Green Hill Zone is full LEGO mode!

With the latest released Green Hill Zone LEGO set, a Sonic fan took the initiative to create a stop-motion video of LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog building the set. Now, that’s commitment!

LEGO builder and animator TheJumiFilm is responsible for this incredible video. It depicts Sonic running through the LEGO set and helping put the pieces together. TheJumiFilm also brought life to the LEGO Sonic model to resemble our blue spiky friend’s appetite for dashing around.

Furthermore, there are some techniques in creating a blur effect around LEGO Sonic when he runs and takes notes from when he was building in LEGO Dimensions. Piece by piece, the set moves whenever his hands do, and there’s even a dope segment where he’s dumping LEGO water when building the bridge.

TheJumiFilm Stop-Motion Video

The most impressive thing is directly at the end of the video. It showcases LEGO Sonic destroying a Crabmeat robot, looping through the level, and collecting some rings after bouncing off a spring. There’s a lot of charm and care put into the video that overshadows the labor-intensiveness of making a stop-motion video. Thankfully, it all paid off well when TheJumiFilm’s video became recognized by the official Sonic YouTube account!

This stop-motion Sonic LEGO video is bound to spark up some mock-ups or lead to more initiative from LEGO to pump out more sets. When that time comes, we’ll be sure to cover the next fan project!

Via: GameRant

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