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Sonic Colors: Ultimate reports glitches, plans Day One patch

Sonic Colors: Ultimate is officially out now! However, a bit of that excitement’s tempered with caution. Those who purchased the digital deluxe editions have had the privilege of playing the game 3 days early. And as always with early access releases, players are already reporting glitches and bugs, especially for the Nintendo Switch.

Unfortunately, we gamers are no strangers to early launch problems *cough*CyberPunk77*cough.* And Sega has had problems with roll outs in the past. So far, Sonic Colors: Ultimate’s range from visuals, where characters fall through the scenery, crashes, and increased loading times. The most worrisome bug, so far, stems from the possibility of seizure-inducing flashing images. While any number of games come with a seizure warning, the fact that this is not an intended result is problematic. It has definitely put a damper on the launch. 

Photosensitivity warning: Flashing images.

Well… this is fun. Are you dizzy, yet?

Note that not all is what it seems. As Reddit user Rightcontentwrite mentioned in a post over the weekend, “some of the more balls to the walls insane ones were fake.” Sonic Colors: Ultimate glitches were found to be fabricated by a hacked Nintendo Switch and Yuzu emulator. The original poster of the fake glitches did not give a reason why they falsified the footage, and the tweet was removed. The problem has arisen for developers Blind Squirrel Games and Sega, in deciphering what is a real glitch and what isn’t.

Sonic Colors: Ultimate’s Day One patch

Nevertheless, Blind Squirrel Games and Sega both Tweeted today that they are investigating causes of the bugs. Players have been quick to condemn both companies for rushing a game that needed more time. Good news, though! A Day One patch is planned for release tomorrow and they will continue to apply fixes as needed. Anyone who encounters problems, please contact support.

Be on the lookout for our own review of Sonic Colors: Ultimate coming in the following days. We will be sure to give you the lowdown on the good, the weird and the warnings. 

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