Someone ported Sonic Mania Plus to the Vita

If there’s a team-up people should have gotten more of, it was Sonic The Hedgehog and the PlayStation Vita. Only one Sonic game made it to the handheld system, Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed. No other original games or ports ever made it. You would think fans would try to port some games over themselves. Finally, someone has. 

While we don’t know who, someone has managed to port Sonic Mania Plus to the PlayStation Vita. It sounds shocking, right? Well, there is a video. Not sure how long it will stay up before it’s caught, but you can see it below.

The port shows that Plus could have run on the Vita. I understand why it wasn’t (sales in 2018 for the Vita were essentially finished), but it could have been a last hurrah for the cult-favorite handheld. This will just be another “what if” gaming question for fans of Sonic and the potentially last Sony handheld.

Sonic Mania Plus is available now for all major systems and PC. As for finding a Vita? Good luck at your local gaming store or on eBay. They are becoming quite popular nowadays. What do you think of the port? Is it wild to see another Sonic game on the handheld functioning? Let us know in the comments below.

Via Youtube

Alex Lehew

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