Silent Hill revival rumors rise with trademark update

Will the Silent Hill series finally have a new game?

We all remember the disappointment when Konami announced the Silent Hills cancellation. While Norman Reedus went on to star in Death Stranding, Silent Hill fans stayed wondering the fate of the franchise. However, now that the series’ trademark has been renewed, a Silent Hill revival may be in the cards.

Is a Silent Hill revival happening?

Silent Hills started its development in 2012 as the ninth main installment in the series, but was unfortunately cancelled in 2015. Despite the project’s cancellation, Hideo Kojima, Guillermo del Toro, and Norman Reedus all came together in the creation of Death Stranding.

Since then, we haven’t heard much news of the franchise since. With nothing since the P.T. teaser meant to interact with Silent Hills, there wasn’t much hope the series would return. Seven years later, that could be changing. Konami made the decision to update the Silent Hill trademark, along with some others. Reddit user u/LongJonSilver caught onto the renewal, along with the other titles Konami chose to renew.

Konami's renewed trademarks include the Silent Hill revival

A trademark update doesn’t necessarily mean the series will be revived for sure. However, it does indicate Konami still remembers the series is out there. Even if a Silent Hill revival is in the works, Kojima no longer works for Konami. Kojima split from the company in 2015, making Kojima Productions an independent studio. So, even if a Silent Hill revival happens, Kojima or any of the Silent Hills crew would unfortunately not be around to work on the game.

But, it could happen

Of course, that’s if Konami decides to continue with the series anyway. At the very least, the Silent Hill trademark update shows Konami remembers the series and that it remains in their hands for the time being. We can keep our fingers crossed for a potential new installment, but no guarantees.

Via, DualShockers.

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