Shining Force mobile might be canceled

Bad news for fans of the Shining Force franchise. It looks like the upcoming mobile iteration of the franchise is in some serious trouble. According to multiple outlets, developer Vespa might have to abandon the title due to a lack of funding. 

The company has been operating in the red for the last two years. So getting SEGA to agree to sell the license outright to the franchise has apparently been a struggle. If development is indeed done, Vespa will shift focus to continue working on King’s Raid and the upcoming Time Defenders

Shining Force mobile title screen

Is this the end for Shining Force mobile?

It’s an excruciating blow to fans of the Shining Force franchise to see the game die before release. The title looked to be a throwback to the older iterations of the franchise from the Genesis and Saturn era. But the lack of funding while operating in the red is a massive hurdle to overcome. Those two factors usually combine to cancel a game often. But game development and the business behind it can always change. So until Vespa flat-out says the game is canceled, hope isn’t dead yet!

If development resumes on Shining Force mobile, we will update readers accordingly with new info. Do you hope SEGA brings back the franchise soon? If so, what do you want to see from it? Let us know in the comments below!

Via GameBraves

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