SEGA’s Astro City Mini heading to UK shores in May

Get it while it's hot!

Last week, we reported on SEGA’s Astro City Mini heading to the west through Limited Run Games. The mini console originally released in Japan last year to critical acclaim, and it looks like American audiences feel the same!

Following our report on the its Limited Run Games release, the console’s pre-orders were sold out by the weekend. If you’re still looking to get your own unit, Funstock still has some available.

The UK-based company is selling the little fella for $178 or £129.99. Here’s their official description:

With its 4-inch screen, joystick and 6 buttons, you can enjoy a selection of 37 of the most famous Sega games right at the palm of your hand!

The Astro City mini console is a 1/6 scale true reproduction of the original console. At the time of its release, the latter was the first one to be build using resin. Like its old sister, the Astro City Mini is also made of resin and has the exact same design including the joystick and the buttons!


Pre-orders for the console are now up on Funstock’s website. Considering Limited Run Games’ product sold out in a couple of days, I would recommend jumping on this ASAP.

Release date for their stock is May 28th, 2021. UK residents get free shipping, and worldwide shipping is available for everyone else.

Pre-order your own console here.

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