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SEGA’s 60th anniversary ambassador is Segata Sanshiro’s son

It’s hard to believe, but SEGA is turning 60 this year! This week, SEGA launched their official 60th anniversary site, with a slideshow of nostalgic screenshots from video games past. As one of their first announcements for SEGA’s 60th anniversary, they introduced us to their ambassador; Segata Sanshiro’s son!

And when we mean son, we quite literally mean the actor who played Segata Sanshiro had a son and he is SEGA 60th anniversary ambassador. For those who don’t remember, Segata Sanshiro was SEGA’s Saturn mascot in Japan in the 90s. He would go around in martial arts gear telling players to go play the Saturn, sometimes sporting a rocket.

Unlike his father’s stricter approach, “Sega Shiro” goes around having people learn about SEGA. Check out the video above and discuss in the comments below!

Marcin Gulik

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