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SEGA ‘Tokyo Olympic Games: The Video Game’ gets June release

Are y’all ready to have your minds blown, SEGA fans?

The first instance of SEGA announcing the Olympic Games: The Video Game was back in April 2019 during their SEGA FES. And it was for an annual four year global event that would take place in summer of 2020. But now, both the video game and the Olympics will be coming in the Summer of 2021.

As was the case for many events during COVID-19, the Olympic Games in Tokyo were suddenly pushed back to the summer of 2021. This meant a halt in releasing the video game internationally and was ultimately put in limbo until today.

SEGA has announced that the game will be available on June 22nd for Switch, PS4, and Xbox One and Xbox Series. There is no mention on whether the games will be playable on PS5.

There will be 18 playable events that range from track & field to swimming and outdoor events. There will be 80 countries that will be represented in the game.

“The Olympics are a symbol of sportsmanship and competition for athletes and fans all over the world. Tokyo 2020 translates the sporting spirit of this event into a fun, arcade-style experience that friends and family can enjoy together as we all look forward to the start of the Olympics this summer.”

-Ian Curran, President & COO of SEGA of America

The game will also have a character creator in where you can place yourself in the country you wish to represent and have different costumes for you to use.

This was one of the many licensing deals SEGA made with the International Olympic Committee, as Mario and Sonic made their return to the Olympics in their crossover and Sonic’s own spin-off mobile game.

The game will be release on June 22nd, a day before Sonic’s birthday, while the actual Tokyo Olympics will be held from July 23rd to August 8th.

You can find more details from the official website.

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