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SEGA suggests next micro console is the “SG1000 Mini or Dreamcast Mini”

With the huge success of SEGA’s Genesis/Mega Drive Mini, many fans crossed their fingers for micro version of the Dreamcast. In a recent interview with Famitsu magazine, SEGA staffer Yosuke Okunari hints at another micro console.

Okunari states:

Next, we’re considering concepts similar to the Mega Drive [Genesis] Mini. If I had to name some ideas, something like an SG1000 Mini or a Dreamcast Mini.

The Game Gear Micro is only available in Japan. As we have the world [market] in consideration, when we develop our next [Mini] project, the scope will be much greater.

Due to the size and scope of something like this, Okunari suggests the next mini console would not be released until much later. Don’t expect a mini console next year, folks.

Via Nintendo Life

Marcin Gulik

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