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SEGA Saturn’s Bulk Slash now has a fan localization patch

The SEGA Saturn is known to have a lengthy list of games that never shipped outside of Japan. Despite that, many English fan localization projects have salvaged those games from the East over the years. Action-shooter Bulk Slash is the latest title to receive fan localization love, with a patch that translates all text and VO to English! 

Bulk Slash Localization Patch Announcement

For those who don’t know, Bulk Slash is reminiscent of third-person action mecha simulator Virtual Onas player pilots shoot and zip across 3D arenas. Developed by CAProduction and published under Hudson Soft on July 11, 1997, it was set in a futuristic world where a coup d’état is the backbone of the plot. The uprising forces that sparked the in-fighting are enemies the player battles against as a fighter pilot throughout the game.

From video game magazines to online publications, Bulk Slash has garnered positive reviews even as a Japanese-only game. Showering praise highlighted its presentation, soundtrack, and gameplay – among other factors. It was only recently that Bulk Slash received a proper localization effort from user Danthrax on SEGAXtreme, including dubbed in-game voices, ending cutscenes, and implementing Twin Stick controller customization. 

Bulk Smash pilot talking
Pilot Interaction JPN>ENG

You know it’s rather impressive how teams can pull together and localize older games. What was once a region-only game is now something most audiences can experience over the world. I hope we’ll see more localization projects that’ll recover games deserving of the limelight worldwide.

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