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SEGA replacing Judgment actor; western release not changed

Judgment is one of SEGA’s most anticipated titles for the coming year, but due to Pierre Taki’s arrest last week, SEGA pulled all sales of the game and halted further distribution. Many in the west began to worry whether the game was going to be cancelled in the west.

SEGA West has finally broken their silence and have announced that the character model and voice of Kyohei Hamura will be adjusted for the release.

The launch of Judgement is still set for June 25th, meaning that SEGA will have to work hard the next three months to ensure the game meets its retail launch date.

Pierre Taki was arrested last week due to a tip that he was in possession of cocaine. He was later reported to have used the drug as well. Taki also voiced Olaf in Kingdom Hearts III and the upcoming movie, Frozen II. Square Enix has announced his voice will be patched in the Japanese audio and Disney has said they replaced his voice for the movie.

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