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SEGA opens voting for games to be included with Mega Drive Mini

SEGA finally unveiled the long-rumored Mega Drive Mini during last year’s SEGA Fes event, to the excitement of many fans throughout the world. That excitement quickly turned to disgust when it was revealed that AtGames would be developing the console.

Of course, AtGames doesn’t exactly have the best track record with its SEGA-licensed consoles, although its latest SEGA Genesis Flashback HD isn’t all that bad. But SEGA Japan apparently came to its senses and walked away from that agreement in favor of developing the Mega Drive Mini themselves.

Leading up to this year’s SEGA Fes showcase on March 30, SEGA Japan has opened a poll on Twitter and the official Mega Drive Mini website to let fans vote on games they want to have pre-installed on the system.

Up for voting is Sonic the Hedgehog or Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Puyo Puyo or Puyo Pu Yomitsu (Puyo Puyo 2) and Shining Force 1 or 2. The results of the poll will be announced at SEGA Fes.

While it’s a bit strange that SEGA is only including three series in the poll, and only one game for each, it’s likely there will be more games included in the system, and this is an attempt to generate interest leading up to SEGA Fes.

The Mega Drive Mini is supposedly releasing sometime this year, but we hope to get a solid date at the upcoming event. In any case, let us know which games you’ll be voting for in the comments below!

[Via SEGA Driven]

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