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SEGA opens Puyo Puyo Boot Camp for high school eSports

SEGA is partnering with Japanese high schools to train the next wave of eSports athletes.

Looks like SEGA’s building an army — an army of Puyo Puyo warriors. In an effort to increase high school eSports programs in Japan, SEGA is launching the Puyo Puyo Boot Camp. It’s a series of courses in training designed to teach young eSports athletes how to (you guessed it) play Puyo Puyo competitively.

The company is partnering with high schools all across Japan to create a network of professional gamers. SEGA’s aim is to work with 50 high schools to create the next wave of competitive Puyo Puyo athletes. They need to either already have an eSports team or be in the process of launching one.

The curriculum, designed in collaboration with current eSports athletes, gives players a lowdown playing the game competitively. From basic gameplay maneuvers to essential competitive strategies, it’s everything you’d need to know to get the foundation knowledge required to play. As the name suggests, it’s a boot camp designed to drill the basics of Puyo Puyo into your head.

Puyo Puyo Gameplay

Why enlist in Puyo Puyo Boot Camp?

The Puyo Puyo Boot Camp consists of both practical and theoretical courses on competitive gameplay. Enlisted members also receive one-on-one training from professional players. This is all leading up to the Puyo Puyo Future Cup which will evaluate the results of this project.

Puyo Puyo retains a surprisingly popular competitive scene in Japan. (Well, I guess it’s only surprising to Americans like yours truly, where the series is much more niche.) Given its status, it’s no wonder why SEGA would make an investment like this into developing resources for Puyo Puyo eSports.

Feedback on the boot camp so far has been positive. SEGA received feedback such as “I couldn’t chain, but now I can do up to 5 chains” and “I’ve improved my understanding of turning back.”

What do you think of SEGA’s Puyo Puyo Boot Camp initiative? Let us know!

Via SoraNews24.

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