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Sega makes it clear they aren’t involved with Taxi Chaos

Back in December, a spiritual successor to Crazy Taxi was announced. Now on the heels of the release date, SEGA had to make it 100% clear they had nothing to do with it. Taxi Chaos was released February 23rd and in the initial press release said the following:

The American retail version will be published and distributed by GS2 Games, the European retail version by Mindscape, and The Japanese and other Asian versions will be published by Epicsoft and distributed by SEGA®.

GS2 Games Press Release

On release day, SEGA was quick on the trigger releasing their own statement, which everyone saw coming.

A game resembling SEGA’s Crazy Taxi is currently being promoted by an external company. As inaccurately reported in some news, this title and its publisher and developer have no official or unofficial support from SEGA CORPORATION and its international divisions. We are currently investigating this situation. SEGA places great value on our heritage and will ceaselessly protect our intellectual property. We are also continuously assessing all opportunities to remake/reimagine our universes and bring them to the public as innovative and high-quality experiences.

SEGA Press Release 2/23/2021

In a huge turn of events, also known as damage control, GS2 Games released a updated press release without the developer’s blessing.

The American retail version will be published and distributed by publisher GS2 Games, the European retail version by Mindscape, while the Asian digital and retail versions are published by goGame and distributed by Epicsoft Asia

No one is 100% sure on why SEGA’s name was included with Taxi Chaos’ initial press release. Most of the reviews are giving them a average of 1 out of 5, proving that the game needed the assist by SEGA whether they liked it or not.

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