SEGA Make War Not Love campaign starts

If you plan on being alone for Valentines’ weekend, you won’t be. SEGA has started their Make War Not Love campaign this year and you can be apart it.

The games that will be featured for this year will be Dawn of War 2, Company of Heroes 2, Total War: Warhammer and Endless Legend.

Starting on Feb. 14, you can go to the official Make War Not Love website and vote to see which games will be in the SEGA vs. Faction event on Feb. 16.

The event will start on Feb. 14 and will conclude on Feb. 19. As to celebrate such event, SEGA has discounted Total War: Hammerhead by 33%; Endless Legend by 75%; Dawn of War and Company of Heroes by 80% and 75% respectively.

The grand finale will take place during the PC Gamer Weekender at Olympia, London on Feb. 19. Many prizes will be given out, so be sure to be one of the first to be there.

via PC Gamer

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