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SEGA Genesis Mini gets a new accessory for Japan, and it’s adorable

Do you remember the SEGA Genesis Mini? Two years ago, the world was blessed with a miniature version of SEGA’s most popular console. The Genesis Mini came packaged with two classic wired 3-button control pads, USB power adapter, power cable, and HDMI cable. A buttload of games came in that tiny package, including Shining Force and Ecco the Dolphin. It sold remarkably well across the globe, and was met with rave reviews to boot.

Two years later, the SEGA Genesis Mini is getting another accessory! Well, only if you live in Japan. It’s called the Tower Mini ZERO, and it’s even more mini than that other mini! So adorable. The Tower Mini ZERO is a purely cosmetic addition.

This little guy is a replica of the Power Base Converter from 1989. For all of the retro gaming aficionados out there, it allowed the SEGA Genesis to play Master System games. Pretty neat, right? You can, however, play the SEGA Master System in Lost Judgment if you’re really feeling that itch, or go to your local retro game store. Shop local!

The Tower Mini ZERO hits store shelves on October 21 for 4,950 yen, or $44.95. As of this writing, there is no word on an international release. It’s possible they’d release it if there’s enough of a demand. Let’s take it to Twitter, SEGA fans!

Would you like to see this mini accessory reach western shores? What did you think of the SEGA Genesis Mini? Let’s discuss in the comments below!


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