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SEGA Games and SEGA Interactive to merge into SEGA Group

Two of SEGA’s prominent studios in Japan, SEGA Games, which deals with planning and distribution of games, and SEGA Interactive, which deals with the development and manufacture of amusement machines, have announced a merger inside the company to become ‘SEGA Group’.

The current structure has SEGA Holdings as the parent of both divisions, but will be renamed once the merger is official in April 2020. SEGA Holdings will be renamed to “SEGA Group Corporation” and the merged studios will be named “SEGA Corporation”.

Restructure of positions include Hajime Satomi, current CEO of SEGA Sammy, as Honorary Chairman and Haruki Satomi as President and CEO of SEGA Group as well as Chairman and CEO of SEGA Corporation. Toshihiro Nagoshi will continue to serve as Chief Creative Officer (CCO).

The merger will take effect on April 1, 2020 and is acknowledge as a part of SEGA’s Road to 2020. They are still projecting to produce net sales of ¥390 billion ($3.5 billion) and look to reorganize whole subsidiaries within the company.

Source: SEGA Sammy

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