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SEGA Europe announces partnership & game deal with Two Point Studios

Today SEGA Europe has announced a new publishing partnership with Surrey (UK) based developer, Two Point Studios. You may not have heard of the studio – as it was only established in 2016 and, as far as I’m aware, is yet to release any games – however you should hopefully recognise some of the lead team members’ gaming heritage.

Headed up by Gary Carr and Lionhead Studios co-founder, Mark Webley, these two industry veterans have worked on some big (and now classic) titles, such as: Theme Park, Black & White, Theme Hospital and Fable.

SEGA Europe has confirmed that the they will be working with Two Point Studios on a brand new title. So it sounds like the guys and gals at Two Point Studios have shown SEGA something impressive enough to warrant their interest. At SEGA Nerds, we are very interested to find out what it might be!

Full details in the press release, below:

SEGA® Europe Ltd. announce publishing partnership with Two Point Studios

Studio and publisher to work on a new IP

London, UK – 30th May 2017 – SEGA® Europe Ltd. today confirmed a brand-new publishing partnership with Surrey based developer, Two Point Studios. The studio is headed up by industry veterans Gary Carr and Lionhead co-founder, Mark Webley, best known for their work on genre defining games such as Theme Park, Black & White, Theme Hospital and Fable. They will be adding to this list with an exciting new title currently in development.

John Clark, Senior Vice President of Commercial Publishing at SEGA Europe commented, “We’ve been talking to Two Point Studios for a long time and are really impressed with their vision. We’re delighted to announce our partnership and look forward to revealing more about the project early next year .”

The move to work with Two Point Studios is part of SEGA Europe’s drive to find and nurture the very best development talent and bring to market new and exciting IPs. Carr and Webley have assembled a team of some of the best talent they have worked with during their time at Bullfrog and Lionhead and this will be invaluable in making this relationship a great success.

“SEGA Europe have really impressed us with their approach to working with creative teams, their reputation as a PC publisher and their commitment to quality – they are an ideal partner for us.” said Webley.

Carr added “We are really excited to be working with SEGA and between us we feel confident that we can create something special, and realise our vision of crafting a beautiful, charming and challenging sim game.”

SEGA Europe and Two Point Studios will be revealing more details about the project in early 2018. In the meantime, for more information about SEGA, log on to www.sega.co.uk or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Source: SEGA PR


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