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SEGA drops new track for ‘Team Sonic Racing’

"Whale Lagoon" revealed along side new music tune

SEGA has released another track for Team Sonic Racing based off a popular level from Sonic Heroes. “Whale Lagoon”, modeled after Seaside Hill, is the newest addition to the lineup of levels, featuring a massive orca statue in the center of the track.
The Official Sonic YouTube channel has released the music track and is composed by Jun Senoue and Hyper Potions. You can listen to the track above.
Team Sonic Racing will be released on May 21, 2019 for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC.
Dive into SEGA’s New Map and Music From Team Sonic RacingDive into SEGA’s New Map and Music From Team Sonic Racing

Today, SEGA is splashing onto the scene to reveal a slippery new map and subaquatic sounds from the upcoming team-based racing experience, Team Sonic Racing. In the new map, “Whale Lagoon,” Sonic and friends will head to the shore for a race through a vibrant underwater landscape full of mysterious marine creatures.

Your voyage is guaranteed to go swimmingly as you coast along to the upbeat nautical anthem, “Whale Lagoon,” created by iconic Sonic series composer, Jun Senoue.  Get ready to sway to the submarine beat and listen here: https://youtu.be/2ypxaNjbeXU

And don’t forget to put on your goggles and explore the new map.

Developed by award-winning studio Sumo Digital, Team Sonic Racing is the ultimate arcade and fast-paced competitive style racing experience, featuring your favorite characters and environments from across the Sonic Universe. Race together and win together in online multiplayer or local co-op mode utilizing the dynamic team mechanics and vehicle customization features to dash across the finish line. Team Sonic Racing is set to release both physically and digitally on May 21, 2019 on Sony PlayStation®4, Microsoft Xbox® One and Nintendo Switch™, with a digital-only release on PC.

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