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SEGA Amusements unveils its new Arcade Lineup for IAAPA 2015!

London, UK 22nd October 2015 – In a press release issued today, SEGA has unveiled its arcade lienup at IAAPA 2015. Line up covers seven categories, 19 titles, and a whopping 22 cabinet configurations.

SEGA at IAAPA 2015

If you’re in the market for Amusement Games, SEGA’s booth 1606 should top off your must-see list of exhibitors during IAAPA 2015. From Video Amusements to Kiddie Rides, High-Value Prize Vending to Arcade Sports, and Edutainment to Ticket Redemption we’ve got something for just about every amusement game operator.

The list of games is even more impressive when considering that 9 of the 19 titles on display are new games, and 2 have been updated with appealing new art packages.

“Our line-up at IAAPA 2015 is an amazing collection of amusement games that demonstrates our firm’s commitment to the industry,” said SEGA CEO, Paul Williams. “I believe the quality of the product on the Sega Stand 1606 will be the talk of the show!”

First up is Sonic Dash Extreme. Sonic Dash takes players on a high-speed track filled with obstacles and more than a few valuable rings. Players have to avoid the obstacles and collect as many rings as they can before reaching the goal. Once there, you need to destroy the Evil Dr. Eggman to get the jackpot bonus!

The high definition graphics are displayed on a 55” screen that’s accented with two large “Sonic Rings” on the left and right side. The player control is an oversized D-Pad controller players will instantly recognize from their home console games – if you can’t beat em, join em!

SEGA is also displaying Plants vs. Zombies 42” DLX and 60” Super DLX – both of which continue to enjoy brisk sales.

Mechanical Ticket Redemption
Did we say Sega was bringing Sonic to a whole new level? Sonic Blast Ball is a single button skill stop game in which players open gates at the top of a vertical playfield using a large lit button. The goal is to open the gates, so a ball drops through a bonus ring that oscillates left to right. Make it through the bonus ring and the bonus wheel starts to spin. Push the button to stop the wheel and win the bonus jackpot!

Captain Black 3 Player Shooting Gallery brings the excitement of a Carnival Midway into your location. Utilizing the tried and true Pirate Theme, Captain Black challenges your player’s shooting skills with a variety of moving and stationary targets.

Magicians Wheel is a terrific take on a spinning wheel game. Lots of action and excellent lighting create a presentation perfect for any FEC. Using a large lit button, players drop the arrow into the spinning wheel’s outer ring of pins. Time it just right to get the wheel to stop on the Jackpot Bonus value.

Arcade Sports
SEGA has been enjoying tremendous sales for our Sonic-branded Basketball and Air Hockey games for the past 5 + years with no signs of slowing down. At this year’s IAAPA, we’re giving the artwork a touch-up. The new look delivers a more colorful and dynamic appearance that is sure to keep these games on top of the sellers list for years to come!

Hello Kitty Air Hockey. Hello Kitty is one of the world’s most recognizable brands. Hello Kitty Air Hockey is the only licensed “kid-sized” air hockey. It’s the perfect size for toddlers while still attracting tweens, teens and parents with kids.

High Value Prize Vending
Key Master, SEGA’s entry into the High-Value Prize Vending category, has won the Operator Choice Award for the Best Game of the Year the past three years. We’re continuing to build our library of this incredibly high-earning category with two exciting new games – Treasure Box and Drop It Win It.

Kiddie Rides
We’re taking advantage of the Sonic brand “one more time” with Sonic 2-Player Kiddie Ride. This excellent kiddie ride has two steering wheels so two kids can play at once. Creating a higher perceived value in the eyes of the parent by allowing two kids to play for the price of one!

Let’s Go Safari is a children’s edutainment game that teaches kids about the wide world of wild animals. Gameplay puts the child at the controls of a Jungle Jeep with control buttons they can activate including windshield wipers. Players drive through a world filled with wildlife. Along the way, they see a great variety animals in their natural habit. Players can select three animals to learn more about them. Upon selecting an animal, a short video plays that tells the player more about the animal.

Games on Display – Video Amusement
Rounding out SEGA’s Video Amusement games on display will be a new motion-based version of the driving game Storm Racers, a new 2 Player Special Attraction version of the demolition derby game, Showdown and their smash-hit Transformers Theatre.


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