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Rumor: TLOZ: Tears of the Kingdom is last “significant” Switch title

What could be next for Nintendo?

Everyone knows the massive title for the Nintendo Switch this year. Even if you live under a rock, you know Switch users are eagerly anticipating The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom. But some are suggesting that the Breath of the Wild sequel could be the last significant title coming to the Nintendo Switch. 

This rumor started in November when reporter Chris Dring responded to another Twitter user with this curious response. You can see the exchange below where he alludes that Tears Of The Kingdom will start a Switch dry spell.

The rumor then got a second source when VGC’s Andy Robinson tweeted that Tears of the Kingdom could be the final major launch on the Switch. You can find that tweet below as well.

I can see both sides of this rumor being true. On the one hand, the idea of Nintendo only releasing two significant titles in 2023 seems crazy (Tears Of The Kingdom and Fire Emblem Engage). On the other, the line-up the year before the Switch launched for the Wii U was sparse on first-party titles. Plus, the Switch is approaching seven years old and has significant competition now with the Steam Deck. Since the necessary computer chips are becoming easier to obtain (thanks to the Crypto market crashing and burning), a Switch follow-up seems likely in 2024.

Hopefully, this is just a rumor. And there are more Nintendo Switch games in the pipeline that we don’t know about. Or, the Nintendo Switch follow-up is closer than we all think. What do you think is the case? Is Tears Of The Kingdom the last major Switch title? Let us know in the comments below!

Via Gamesradar

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