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(RUMOR) Sonic Mania 2 could be canceled

Back in 2017, Sonic Mania was one of the biggest success stories of the year. The game currently scores a 91% on Metacritic, and is considered a return to form with the Sonic fanbase. With massive commercial and critical success for the game, a sequel seemed like a no-brainer for SEGA and developers Evening Star Studios, right? Well… It appears to be for both parties that is not the case for some odd reason.

Rumor is that SEGA has canceled Sonic Mania 2, according to a post by industry insider Zippo. The post does not detail specifics as to why the game was canceled, but it strongly implies that the relationship between Evening Star and SEGA has soured. Specifically that SEGA Of America’s “extremely unreasonable” management is the cause of the split. 

sonic mania 2 canceled

Now it makes sense why Evening Star is working on a new 3D platformer if this rumor is true. It is unfortunate that Sonic Mania 2 could bite the dust due to both parties not coming to an agreement on some factor of development. Whether it was the time frame to develop the game, or SEGA upset that the team wanted to work on a new IP. It’s a massive loss as Evening Star has proven they knew how to make a 2D Sonic game with ease. Who knows? Maybe they can circle back around to the series after finishing their new game. You never know with the gaming industry!

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