Rumor: A full Persona 3 remake is in development

Rumors are always tricky in this business. Some people take them as fact. When there is a sizeable chance, it’s not real. But today’s rumor makes too much sense to at least entertain. It involves a cult franchise that’s blown up in the last half-decade. And the title that many longtime fans consider to be the best entry in the franchise. Yes, we’re talking about Persona 3. Take everything that follows with a grain of salt. 

According to My Nintendo News, multiple sources have told them that a ground-up remake of Persona 3 is in the works for modern consoles. The remake will have Persona 5-like graphics and quality-of-life improvements. Their sources did not confirm if the game will release this year.

How likely is a Persona 3 remake?

Ok, let’s unpack this a bit. The obvious question in the room is about the re-release of Persona 3 Portable coming later this month to modern consoles and Xbox Game Pass. That game is a port with modern graphical improvements and quality-of-life enhancements such as saving at any time. It will be pretty close to its original counterpart on the PSP.

A ground-up remake makes a lot of sense. Certain elements of the gameplay and story don’t hold up very well. Plus, doing the game with the ideology of having it work like Persona 5 could offer a brand new experience to a game many consider a classic. Whatever ends up being the truth with this, it looks like the adventures into Tartarus are going to be experienced by a lot of new players.

We will keep readers updated in the future if this remake of Persona 3 is confirmed by Atlus with more details and updates. Until then, keep your fingers crossed. Do you want a remake of the cult-classic RPG? Let us know in the comments below.

Via My Nintendo News

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