Robert Pattinson admits love for Final Fantasy VII

It’s hard being on a Hollywood press tour sometimes. Your goal is to not only sell the movie but make your lead star seem like they’re just a normal person. Some actors make this laborious, but Warner Brothers got lucky with Robert Pattinson. While promoting the upcoming blockbuster The Batman with Clique, Pattinson went off on a tangent about Final Fantasy VII. Specifically, his infatuation with Aerith and Tifa. You can check out the full interview below in a tweet.

Hey Warner Brothers, let your stars relax more like this on the press tours! Robert Pattinson looks more like a normal guy like me in this interview! I would have never known he knew about the different mistranslated versions of Final Fantasy VII? That shows he knows what he’s talking about with the game. And that’s really endearing and neat! 

As for Pattinson’s take on Aerith and Tifa, he’s not wrong! Aerith is a kind-hearted soul who has the power to heal her friends and the world. And Tifa? He could have elaborated more on Tifa but what he said about her sexiness isn’t wrong. Now I’m sitting here wondering if he’s played Remake and what his thoughts are on the changes done so far to the love triangle dynamic. Somehow someone should get that answer out of him! 

The Batman releases on March 4th nationwide in regular and IMAX showings. Final Fantasy VII is available now on all modern platforms. What do you think of Pattinson’s take on Aerith and Tifa? Did you know he knew so much about the game? Let us know your thoughts!

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